New HASCO Compact Shot nozzles Z3220/... and Z3230/...

Thanks to their long, slim design, the Compact Shot nozzles are outstandingly suitable for difficult gating positions such as the internal gating of long articles or narrow cavity-to-cavity distances. The head diameter of these nozzles is 18 mm and can be reduced if required to 16 mm.

The sealing diameter at the nozzle tip is just 7 mm. They are available in lengths of 63 –180 mm.

The Compact Shot Z3220/... has a newly designed copper tip and a larger flow bore than its predecessor. This leads to a reduction of pressure losses and improves the processing of standard plastics. The new Z3220/... replaces the former Z3210/....

Also new is the Z3230/... with a nozzle tip made of TZM. This special molybdenum alloy combines excellent wear resistance with high heat resistance and good thermal conductivity. This gives the nozzle advantages when working with engineering plastics.

The proven needle valve variant Z3240/... rounds off the Compact Shot range. The special design of the nozzle tip keeps the needle in the guide over the entire stroke and thus minimises the amount of wear on the needle guide and the needle, considerably extending the service life of the cavity gate itself.

All models are available in two different forms. One variant for standard assembly, the other for front assembly, whereby the complete nozzle can be exchanged on the injection moulding machine, significantly reducing maintenance and downtimes.

The high level of standardisation of this nozzle range guarantees optimum availability of spare parts and wear parts throughout the world thanks to HASCO's global service network.

With the new nozzles Z3220/... and Z3230/..., the injection moulder can now also process the most demanding plastics in a shot weight range of 2-20g in a minimum of space.

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Z3220 / 3230
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