Z99/... CoolCross - exclusively at HASCO

The new CoolCross Z99/… opens up a range of completely new possibilities for the user when it comes to designing cooling systems for injection moulds.


New standardised hot runner minifold concept...

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Bereich Normalien


Standard mould units – basic elements in mouldmaking and tooling.


K - Standards

P - Standards

Bereich Heisskanaltechnologie

Hotrunner Technology

The HASCO hotrunner team develops the specific solution for the product in cooperation with the customer using the latest simulation techniques. A rich experience in theory and practice enables our hot runner specialists to develop the optimum solution for every application in close cooperation with the customer.


Bereich Sonderanfertigungen

Special Productions

The HASCO special production offers very fast support in the event of production bottlenecks using the latest design and processing methods. Including guaranteed planning security. HASCO guarantees a high quality and fast production with documented final inspection.