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Vymezovací čepička, Value Shot


max. 260 °C
Special plastic (MurSeal)

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Zvolení varianty výrobku

r1 l4 l2 l1 d3 d2 d1 Číslo výrobku
6,1 2,4 3,54 8,45 7,9 12 25 H2035/25
6,1 2,5 3,3 8,03 9,1 13 32 H2035/32
8,3 2,5 2 8,97 13,55 17 45 H2035/45

The hot runner nozzle H 202.. /... Value Shot has been further developed for processing easy-to-process thermoplastic moulding compounds with a large number of cavities.

Many different dimensions and different tip variants permit a wide range of applications.

Special Features

  • Heater and Thermocouple, Nozzle body and Nozzle Tip can easily be replaced
  • Multi-purpose applications, suitable for small cavity centre distances
  • Twist prevention at the nozzle head
  • Fine graduation of nozzle lengths and diameter
  • Optimum section visual appearance
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Low pressure loss thanks to suitably aligned melt channel cross-sections
  • Also suitable for valve gate applications