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Vícezónový regulátor 10-16, with touch-screen, 10 to 16


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Zvolení varianty výrobku

n1 I Číslo výrobku
10 16 H1242/10x16
11 16 H1242/11x16
12 16 H1242/12x16
13 16 H1242/13x16
14 16 H1242/14x16
15 16 H1242/15x16
16 16 H1242/16x16

The touch screen display on the new multi-hot runner control unit H 1242 /... permits the rapid and straightforward setup of hot runner systems.

The parameters of all the zones are clearly set out.

Grouped control points, setpoint adjustments and the colour display make for easy operation.

Special Features

  • Colour overview display showing all the groups
  • Program and group names
  • Bar diagram
  • Setpoint value entry via a numeric keypad
  • Button for calling up the diagnosis menu
  • Help menu for error messages
  • Parameter tables with text
  • Storage and updating via USB stick
  • Timer function
  • Language selection