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Hadice PVC, transparent - blue, textile reinforced



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Zvolení varianty výrobku

p d2 l1 d1 Číslo výrobku
22 15 25000 9 Z850/9x25000
16 20 25000 13 Z850/13x25000
11 27 25000 19 Z850/19x25000

The blue HASCO PVC hose Z850/... with its high-tenacity reinforcement of polyester yarn is used primarily for cooling with water.

To prevent any confusion with the cooling lines, the HASCO PVC hose is, in addition to the blue variant, also available in white (Z85/...) and red (Z851/...).

Special Features

  • 3-ply PVC hose with fabric reinforcement
  • Transparent – blue
  • Service temperature up to 60 °C
  • High flexibility
  • Clear layout of inflow and outflow