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TempFlex, US


1.4404 / 1.4301

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Zvolení varianty výrobku

l2 d1 d2 l1 Číslo výrobku
542 9,4 8 500 Z977/9,4x8x500
792 9,4 8 750 Z977/9,4x8x750
1042 9,4 8 1000 Z977/9,4x8x1000

The HASCO TempFlex Z976/... and Z977/... is used to control the temperature of die plates or spacer plates whilst carrying out close contour guiding at the same time.

Elaborate deep-hole bores and high pressure losses due to 90° deflections are a thing of the past.

Special Features

  • No deep-hole boring and plugging; as a result, high cost reduction for manufacturing mould plates
  • Low pressure loss due to simple deflection via arcs
  • Existing moulds with insufficient cooling performance can be easily and inexpensively optimised
  • Simple assembly due to flexible boundary surface
  • Easy to exchange
  • No corrosion of the cooling channels
  • Adaptable to desired groove process
  • High temperature resistance
  • Optimum heat transfer due to metal corrugated hose and quadratic cross-section