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října 2016

Unbeatable duo for practical small series

HASCO’s Clever Mold System in conjunction with the innovative small series mould saves time and cost in mould and toolmaking.

The HASCO small series mould K3600/… has been aligned exclusively to the A8500/… Clever Mold System quick clamping device. This combination represents the ideal solution for the low-cost production of practical small series. By combining the A8500/… and K3600/…, users are assured of an efficient and rapid mould change on all current injection moulding machines. This reduces both setup times and mould costs.

Quick-clamping Clever Mold System

The HASCO Clever Mold System A8500/... is an efficient, variable quick-clamping and mould system for injection moulding machines. In the A8500/… standard components of a conventional injection mould are integrated in the clamping fixture. This reduces the proportion of costs accounted for by the mould.

The quick clamping device permits considerably reduced mould changeover times for each mould change. Through the movable clamping bars, the A8500/... permits different-size moulds to be changed with minimal machine downtimes.

Small series mould

The A8500/… is supplemented by the K3600/... proven small series mould, exclusively from HASCO, a clever "standard component package" comprising the mould plates, ejector assembly and all associated components.

The entire assembly can be exchanged rapidly and simply on the injection moulding machine, resulting in minimal machine downtimes. The use of predefined ejector assemblies means that there is no reduction in the usable plate surface compared with conventional systems. The mould plates are available in the materials 1.2767 and Toolox 33. The four standard mould sizes supplied are compatible with the K range.

Time and cost comparison

The K3600/... in conjunction with the Clever Mold System A8500/... has been specially designed for frequent mould changes in small series production.

An average mould change with conventional clamping, using clamps and screws, on a medium-sized conventional injection mould, takes around 30 minutes.

Through the quick clamping device and the use of the small series mould K3600/..., the setup time can be reduced to 10.5 minutes.

Assuming an hourly machine rate of EURO 40,00 and personnel costs of EURO 40,00/h,  this then gives cost savings of approximately EURO 28,00 per mould setup.

Download: Press release