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ledna 2017

TempFlex for flexible mould temperature control – now in a size-13 system too

Thanks to HASCO, elaborate deep-hole bores and high pressure losses caused by 90° cross drilling are now a thing of the past. The TempFlex Z976/… and Z977/… provide optimum conditions for the temperature control of mould plates, inserts and intermediate plates, and with conformal cooling at the same time.

The flexible metal corrugated hose enables rapid installation and replacement, and can be adapted to any desired groove configurations.  Existing moulds with an insufficient cooling performance can be optimised for just a small outlay.

Routing the cooling channel through curves rather than 90° junctions, considerably reduces pressure losses while maintaining the same flow velocity. The TempFlex in stainless steel guarantees a high temperature resistance. The square hose shape ensures optimum heat transfer to all mould plates. No corrosion can develop in the cooling channels.

The HASCO TempFlex is available as a size-9 and now also as a size-13 system in the Z976/… metric version and as a size-9 in the Z977/…US Standard version, with three different lengths in each case. Special lengths of up to 2.6 metres can be made up in a very short time and thus open up even greater flexibility in design.

When using the TempFlex, considerable cost savings can be achieved during the manufacture of the mould plates too, since there is no need for deep-hole bores and the associated plugging. 

Download: Press release