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Elektronisk regulator, with plug-in technology

Udvalg af produktvarianter

P n1 I Bestillingsbetegnelse
3x3600 3 16 H1270/3x16
4x3600 4 16 H1270/4x16
5x3600 5 16 H1270/5x16
6x3600 6 16 H1270/6x16

The new, user-friendly module controller H 1270 /... ensures highly reliable production. This is made possible by the improved, self-optimising control characteristics, a soft start and LED displays for setpoint / actual temperatures, control parameters and error messages.

A coloured LED strip indicates the operating status. To permit flexible injection moulding production, the controller can also be exchanged rapidly and straightforwardly during running operation.

Special Features

  • 6 slot housing unit allows 3 to 6 modular units to be fitted
  • 3600 W / 16A per zone
  • Temperature range 30 - 500°C
  • 2 colour LED strip lights
  • Soft start for gentle drying of the heating unit
  • Self-optimising control characteristics
  • Boost and standby function
  • Automatic sensor and current monitoring
  • Manual or automatic actuator drive

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