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Elektronisk regulator, american version

Udvalg af produktvarianter

I n1 Bestillingsbetegnelse
16 68 H1246/68x16
16 69 H1246/69x16
16 70 H1246/70x16
16 71 H1246/71x16
16 72 H1246/72x16
16 73 H1246/73x16
16 74 H1246/74x16
16 75 H1246/75x16
16 76 H1246/76x16
16 77 H1246/77x16

The new Multi-hotrunner control unit H 1240 /... stands out through its fast and accurate control and its easy-to-operate programming.

With features like the simultaneous display of all control zones, controlled system recognition through classification, plus programmable soft start, this innovative control unit sets new standards in efficiency, comfort and reliability.

Special Features

  • Optimum composite heating to prevent damage to the heating system
  • Monitoring of the output level for early avoidance of errors
  • Leakage current monitoring with rapid drying out
  • Formation of up to 8 groups
  • Mains voltage protection of the sensor inputs
  • Triac monitoring
  • Separate plug for load and sensor lines.
  • UL-certified load supply line
  • Second internal fuse per control zone
  • Possible to switch between °C and °F