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Melt chamber insert, G-design


50 +/- 1 HRC

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Selection of the products dimensions

Typ k1 t4 l7 d7 d6 d4 d1 l1 Product CAD data
1 8 - 18,7 20 27 16 20 22 H3308/20x22
1 8 - 17,8 26 34 21,5 25 22 H3308/25x22
1 8 - 22,3 32 40 26 32 27 H3308/32x27
2 10 19,5 22,3 40 48 32,5 40 27 H3308/40x27
2 10 25,8 29,3 50 58 40 50 36 H3308/50x36

The Techni Shot nozzles are particularly suitable for demanding processing applications in the field of technical high performance polymers, and are preferably used in injection moulds in conjunction with hot runners H4000/..., H4010/.../S etc. 

The Techni Shot-series is perfectly suitable for processing highly reinforced flame and retardant technical polymers.

Special Features

  • Cavity centre-to-centre distance min. 18mm 
  • There is a choice of 6 nozzle sizes ranging from 20 to 60mm nozzle head diameters and melt channel diameters from 3,5 to 13mm 
  • The nozzles are available in lengths of 50 to 300mm 
  • All nozzles have a modular design, nozzle-tips, heaters and thermocouples can easily be replaced 
  • High resistance against abrasive wear 
  • Homogeneous temperature profile
  • High compressive strength, also at temperatures over 300°C 
  • A large range of different tipgeometries and materials allows an optimal stall point quality and an ideal heat conduction into the gate