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valve needle assembly, Needle support, washer, valve needle


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Selection of the products dimensions

Pos3 Pos2 Pos1 d2 l1 Product
H1004/2x300 H10041/2 H107905/2,5x12x1 2 300 H1079050/2x300
H1004/2,5x300 H10041/2,5 H107905/2,5x12x1 2,5 300 H1079050/2,5x300
H1004/3x400 H10041/3 H107905/4x15x1 3 400 H1079050/3x400
H1004/4x400 H10041/4 H107905/4x15x1 4 400 H1079050/4x400
H1004/6x450 H10041/6 H107905/6x20x1 6 450 H1079050/6x450