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Safety coupling, open flow



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Selection of the products dimensions

p l2 l1 d6 d4 d2 d1 Product
25 22,5 38,5 17,2 9 6 9 Z80801HT/9
25 25 38 22,5 13 9 13 Z80801HT/13

With its safety couplings Z80700HT/... to Z80801HT/..., HASCO is setting new safety standards in mould temperature control. They are ideal for high heating and cooling applications with hot water or heating/cooling oil. Decoupling can be easily performed thanks to the forced rotating guide on the locking sleeve, but nevertheless requires an intentional manual unlocking movement. Unintented unlocking is not possible.

Special Features

  • Automatic safety lock to prevent unintentional decoupling
  • Locking sleeve with forced rotating guide and optical colour coding in the locked state
  • High-temperature sealing rings for maximum load
  • Optionally with free throughput or locking with connecting thread or hose nozzle
  • Available in cooling system diameters of 9 and 13mm