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Manifold block

Selection of the products dimensions

style a1 l1 n1 Typ Product number CAD data
blau/blue 75,6 190 4 1 Z920/190x4/1
rot/red 75,6 190 4 2 Z920/190x4/2
blau/blue 151,6 266 6 1 Z920/266x6/1
rot/red 151,6 266 6 2 Z920/266x6/2
blau/blue 227,6 342 8 1 Z920/342x8/1
rot/red 227,6 342 8 2 Z920/342x8/2

The new HASCO manifold blocks Z920/... are used for the simple configuration of flexible cooling circuits.

The clear arrangement of cooling lines ensures greater safety at the workplace and more reliable production.

Special Features

  • Clear arrangement of feed and return lines
  • Anodised in blue or red
  • Compatible with HASCO cooling elements
  • Hoses connected via fixed screw connections or nipple/coupling combinations
  • Central inflow/outflow enables shorter hose lengths and energy savings
  • Increased safety at the workplace and greater production reliability
  • Extendable thanks to modular plug-in system
  • Directly mountable on the injection moulding machine
  • Heat resistant up to 200°C
  • Max. operating pressure 15 bar

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