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Parallel key


DIN 6885-1

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b1 h1 l1 Product CAD data
3 3 25 Z1558/3x3x25
3 3 32 Z1558/3x3x32
3 3 36 Z1558/3x3x36
3 3 40 Z1558/3x3x40

Parallel key connections are the most common type of keyed shaft/hub connections.

The HASCO parallel key Z 1558/... fits in shaft and hub grooves, acts as a keyed joint and transmits the torque from one component to another.

Special Features

  • Keyed transmission of torques
  • For centric shaft/hub connections
  • Simple frictional puller connection
  • Reliable transmission without tilting or twisting
  • Corresponds to DIN 6885 Shape A
  • Time savings through easy fitting and removal

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