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Ejector Pin, DLC, shouldered, hardened


WS (~1.2516)
DIN 1530-2
coated with DLC

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Selection of the products dimensions

r1 k1 l4 l2 d3 d2 d1 l1 Product CAD data
0,2 2 5 35 2 4 0,5 80 Z443/0,5x80
0,2 2 5 50 2 4 0,5 100 Z443/0,5x100
0,2 2 5 50 2 4 0,5 125 Z443/0,5x125
0,2 2 5 75 2 4 0,5 160 Z443/0,5x160

Ejectors are the most stress-loaded components in the mould. Precisely with small diameters, there is a danger of buckling here. This danger is minimised with the shouldered variant Z 443/....

The DLC coating combines good hardness with optimum tribological properties as regards friction, wear and lubrication. The low friction values of the coated ejector pins significantly improve the service life of the moulds and thus make an important contribution to increasing the productivity of the moulds.

Special Features

  • For articles with very little space
  • Stepped version enables greater stability
  • Fully hardened shaft
  • Swaged cylindrical head
  • DLC coating enables a production without lubrication
  • Ideal for use in the food and medical sectors