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September 2019

HASCO App with calculator for thermal insulating sheet

At the design stage of an injection moulded component, every single detail is important. Only if all the individual components are correctly dimensioned can the production process be completed in optimum fashion so that the product quality complies fully with the specifications. A key factor here is efficient heat and energy management.

The HASCO App is currently being extended with an innovative and particularly useful tool, namely a calculator for thermal insulating sheet. With this new development, it is possible to very easily calculate the surface temperature of a thermal insulation sheet. To determine the expected temperature, the user simply enters the relevant parameters such as the type of thermal insulating sheet, the sheet thickness and the mould temperature. The result is immediately available and can be used for designing the respective components.

In addition to this tool, the app also has a number of other core functions: material selection, conversion of hardness values, allocation of DIN/ISO tolerances to shafts and holes, design and dimensioning of locking cylinders, listing of pitch, outside, core or pitch diameters (thread tool), determination of milling data, such as advance speed, r.p.m., or machining volume (cutting data calculator) as well as the simple calculation of the required heating performance, for example when heating up mould plates (cartridge heater calculator). All core functions can also be used offline.

The HASCO App supports not only mouldmakers, technicians, designers and buyers. It can also benefit teachers, students and pupils in training exercises.

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