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July 2021

Exemplary vaccination campaign for employees and close relatives

As a full service provider for the tool and mouldmaking segment, HASCO is one of the world's most reliable system suppliers for standard high-quality mould components  and individual hot runner solutions. In an exemplary campaign, the traditional Lüdenscheid / Germany based company provided employees and their close relatives with anti-coronavirus vaccinations on the company’s premises.

In the company's Learning Centre, where training sessions for customers and employees are normally held, HASCO set up a vaccination station in no time at all when it became obvious that sufficient quantities of vaccine were available. A particularly important aspect was that the employees’ closest relatives were also able to benefit from the campaign. The HASCO Human Resources team explained all the necessary details up front to the vaccination candidates, arranged the appointments, and looked after them during the actual procedure. The highly effective vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer was administered by physician Dr. med. Michael Geim. After the vaccination, everyone enjoyed a snack and a drink before setting out for home. At the same time, an appointment was naturally fixed for the second dose.

Generous supply of vaccine also for the closest relatives

Some employees and their families made a trip of more than 400 km to keep their vaccination appointments at HASCO. The participants were impressed at what the company had set up for them in Lüdenscheid. Following many attempts in vain at regional vaccination centres, they were delighted to have been given the eagerly awaited protection through their employer.

A valuable contribution to halting the pandemic

For HASCO, the health of the workforce and their family members is very important indeed, which is why everything possible was done to carry out the vaccinations ahead of the general holiday period. "We are very pleased and also a little proud that we have, through our company’s vaccination campaign, been able to help bring our employees and their closest relatives back to normality fairly quickly," explains Sebastian Hüppe, HR Manager at HASCO. Similar campaigns at most of the company's 35 branches worldwide have meant that the majority of employees have now been vaccinated. This is an important step towards a return to normality, and has made a very valuable contribution to halting the corona pandemic.

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