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October 2019

Defined movement and latching

On complex injection moulds or die-casting tools, sometimes a second parting plane or an additional demoulding plane is necessary, for example on three-plate moulds or moulds with dual ejector assemblies. To allow defined movement and latching of the moving plates, HASCO has developed the round latch lock units Z1780/... and Z1782/... especially for these applications.

The compact round latch lock units have multipoint locking around the circumference, which allows an optimum force flux. The round latch lock units Z1780/… with pulling and pushing action can be mounted in many different ways. Process safety and reliability is further enhanced with the thermal expansion offset compensation and the integrated collision protection.

oth the round latch lock units are available ex stock in three sizes and different lengths for a wide range of strokes, allowing a broad spectrum of individual mould configurations.

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