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June 2020

Clamping cylinder range extended - Reliable movement of core pullers and slides

Use is frequently made of hydraulic clamping cylinders for moving core pullers and slides in injection moulds.

The new double-acting HASCO clamping cylinders Z23500/..., Z23501/... and Z23502/... allow great flexibility in their positioning and attachment to the injection mould.

Through the force generation on both sides, core pullers and slides can be reliably moved backwards and forwards. The mechanical stroke limitation guarantees enhanced functional safety and reliability.

The clamping cylinders can be used for pressures of between 60 and 500 bar as well as for temperatures of up to 150°C. The sealing kit Z2352/... and O-rings Z98/... are readily and rapidly available as spare parts.

The hardened adapters Z2351/… in hot-working steel, to which three new sizes have now been added, supplement the comprehensive clamping cylinder range. They enable simple, reliable and functional connections between hydraulic cylinders and components in injection moulds.

The broad product range of double-acting clamping cylinders from HASCO offers suitable cylinders in different dimensions for individual applications.

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