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June 2020

Through-hardened ejector sleeve with longer guiding

In moulding applications that sleeve ejectors are required to be used, the length of the precision machined bore is key as to how you can de-mould the component with the required ejection stroke.

The new Z4501/... ejector sleeves are supplied exclusively by HASCO and have a longer guide bore of 100 mm available in all sizes, allowing for a much longer stroke. This is particularly useful for demoulding complex shaped parts.

Since the sleeves are manufactured in a through hardened hot-working steel (1.2343 / 52HRc) they have a high core strength of approx. 1800N/mm² and are not nitrided in the first instance, so that they can be modified by the toolmaker if necessary. They can then be coated or nitride if required after modification.

The flexibility to cut the sleeves to length in conjunction with their material selection allows for a very flexible option of using these ejector sleeves for repairs. HASCO can, on request manufacture and supply bespoke sleeves with custom inner bore diameters in addition to the standard 24 sizes available from stock.

The extensive range of ejection components available from HASCO offers unrivalled solutions for component de-moulding in both the injection moulding and die-cast tooling sectors.

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