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September 2018

HASCO Flat ejector pins Z4670/..., Z4671/... with extra blade length

Flat ejectors are used in critical areas of injection moulds, such as ribs and flanges.

HASCO flat ejectors permit optimum functioning of the mould and also the flash-free production of injection moulded parts through their particularly tight dimensional and shape tolerance. Specifically for moulds with longer strokes, HASCO is supplying new flat ejectors with a longer ejector blade.

Longer ejector blade for longer strokes

The HASCO flat ejector pins Z4670/... with extra blade length and no corner radius and Z4671/... with four corner radii offer a variety of innovative solutions for the easy demoulding of plastic parts from injection moulding tools.

The longer blade means that flat ejector pins Z4670/... and Z4671/... permit an improved mould design precisely for injection moulds with longer strokes and also offer considerably more flexible scope for use. The particularly tight dimensional and shape tolerance of the HASCO flat ejector pins is an important quality feature.

All sizes are available from stock and can be easily mounted without any further adjustments.

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