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October 2019

Unambiguous marking for cooling connections Z8085/…

When constructing injection moulds, unambiguous markings for the in and out cooling lines are important to avoid mix-ups which could impair effective temperature control.

The new markings for cooling connections Z8085/... supplement the extensive HASCO heating/cooling system range. They are available in red (OUT) and blue (IN) and are numbered from 1-64. Therefore, connection errors are avoided through unambiguous allocation.

he easy-to-mount markings are mechanically secured in the mould through a friction-locked connection. They can be mounted on the surface or in a recessed position. The flat surface on the head circumference allows rapid removal.

The new HASCO markings for cooling connections can be left in place when the mould is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. The lettering on them will not wear off.

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