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September 2020

HASCO sealing plug Z9425/… for drilled cooling circuits

Cooling circuits in injection moulds are frequently made up of several drilled holes which can only be produced to run in straight lines. Several holes that cross one another are drilled as close to the contour as possible. To ensure an effective flow of cooling medium, the holes are sealed with sealing or diverting plugs at certain points, thus creating a corresponding cooling circuit.

The new HASCO sealing plugs Z9425/... are suitable both for sealing off drilled cooling holes from the outside and for dividing or diverting the cooling medium within the cooling circuit. They can be readily inserted and removed and are thus re-usable. The sealing plugs are inserted by pushing them into the hole and are fixed in place at designated points by means of an O-ring.

A fixing screw with a Torx geometry permits easy positioning of the sealing plugs. The Torx profile guarantees optimum and secure torque transmission without causing any damage to the inside profile. For vertical installation, it is advisable to slightly increase the size of the sealing plug before mounting it by screwing in the Torx screw and exploiting the friction with the hole wall.

The new HASCO sealing plugs Z9425/... with Viton O-rings are pressure-resistant up to 10 bar, temperature-resistant to 180°C and have very good corrosion resistance.

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