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Effective and homogenous cooling of contour cores with the new brass spiral cores Z960/… and Z9610/… from HASCO

Use is frequently made of mould cores in mouldmaking, which need to be cooled as conformally as possible. Spiral cores permit effective guidance of the cooling medium along the bore wall, ensuring efficient heat transfer and optimum cooling of the mould cores.

The new HASCO spiral cores in brass, Z960/… in a single-threaded version and Z9610/… in a double-threaded version have been specially developed for efficient conformal cooling. Since the cooling medium is transported over a large area, heat transfer takes place very rapidly, making an effective cooling system and a homogeneous temperature distribution.

With their very good resistance to electrochemical corrosion, the brass spiral cores, supplied exclusively by HASCO, are suitable for all cooling media such as water, hot steam, oil and air. Their high media resistance permits extended maintenance intervals.

The single-threaded spiral cores Z960/… are suitable for parallel circuits, while the double- threaded Z9610/… can be used for series circuits. The new brass variants are temperature resistant to 250°C and compatible with spiral cores Z96/... and Z961/... . They thus further round off HASCO's extensive portfolio of standard parts for mould cooling.

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