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July 2016

Information memory directly in the mould - HASCO Screw Memory A5805/...

The full traceability of production data is gaining ever-increasing importance for quality assurance purposes. 

The new information memory Screw Memory A5805/...  makes it possible to archive all the mould-specific and/or article-specific data and thus fully document the production process.

The Screw Memory A5805/..., can be easily installed and removed and can be used up to 80°C max. It is screwed directly into the mould with an M20 outside thread so that it is flush-mounted and protected. The Screw Memory's orange threaded housing not only provides protection against soiling but also makes the information memory easy to identify on the injection moulding machine.

With a capacity of 16GB and a USB 2.0 interface, the HASCO information memory ensures  that mouldmakers can reliably store and edit designs, injection parameters and milling programs. It also provides direct and rapid access to all the mould data.

Download: Press release