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HASCO CAD data for SolidWorks®

HASCO customers will have a comprehensive database with native CAD data for SolidWorks®. The data is perfectly adapted to the needs of modern mould making. The considerable added value of the data enables users to benefit from significant time and cost savings, along with the complete mould making process. 

The speed and availability of CAD data for standard parts constitutes the basic prerequisite for the efficient design of moulds. Through this CAD data with its added value, HASCO is taking a decisive step forward and offering its customers further potential savings. The native data, generated in the original CAD system, features installation spaces, resulting in considerable time savings during the design process. The installation spaces can be included in the individual design with just a few clicks, together with the geometry that needs to be removed.

Native CAD data with installation spaces for the shortest design times

The fully parametric data also has decisive advantages if any changes are made, since the relevant parts automatically adapt to the corrections. The subsequent parts list that is then generated eliminates the risk of incorrect orders. The largely automated ordering process ensures punctual delivery for the start of assembly and rounds off the overall process in a perfect manner.

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SolidWorks Native Library - Customer-to-Customer

David Nyström has put a lot of work and design know-how into the development of his own SolidWorks database. Here, designers have the opportunity to use HASCO components on a parametric basis. Mould units can be easily generated and modified with the aid of configurations. Various accessory components that are also used in the design can be readily changed thanks to the underlying parametrics.

Special ejectors can be rapidly created with the aid of macros.

More than 39,000 configurations of HASCO standard components are available directly in the native SolidWorks data format.

He has made these available to download free of charge on his website. Interested parties can access his website via the link

Explanatory videos can be watched on the designer’s YouTube channel, and a tutorial is also provided on the website.