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CimatronE is a CAD/CAM solution for mould and toolmaking. From the project estimate, via design and manufacture, right through to delivery, the system offers a fully consistent product development process. The software can be used for the rapid and uncomplicated creation of a mould unit on the basis of preconfigured plate sets. Using standard or user-defined catalogue parts, a mould unit can be configured and loaded within a matter of minutes.

Only a few steps are necessary for this: first of all, a complete mould unit is loaded in accordance with the selected catalogue standards. This can be modified at each stage of the subsequent design process. The HASCO standard-component module is integrated in the system as a comprehensive catalogue library, permitting the implementation of specific individual modifications and extensions. The individual mould units can thus be generated rapidly and flexibly in practice.


HASCO split mould kit as a parametrised data set from a customer

The mouldmakers at Eugster AG like to use HASCO split mould kits for demoulding complex injection moulded parts. The range of plastic types to be processed extends from high-temperature grades, via PEEK, right through to filled materials.

On the HASCO split mould kits, the inclined bolts are held in separate guides at the base of the splits – this ensures a particularly homogeneous and linear distribution of force and hence a harmonious movement. Malfunctions due to tilted splits are thus excluded right from the start.

The individual components of the split mould kit have been parametrised under Cimatron by designer Thomas Felber at Eugster AG and made available to us. Changing the size of the mould, which previously necessitated a virtually complete redesign, can now be performed at the push of a button. The model is fully scalable. All the parametrised data for the complete mould unit is currently available to all users here.