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The drilled plates in the K range are machined on all sides and have the same dimensions as the HASCO P-Standards. They can be combined on a modular basis and are used in the time and cost-saving development and manufacture of injection moulding tools, compression moulds and pressure diecasting moulds.

Subgroups of the K range: the insert modular system KR, the "Babyplast" K5000, the split mould kits K2500 and K2501, the HASCO quick-change mould system K3500 and the small series mould K3600.

With the invention of standard mould components and the introduction of the modular system for standard mould units, HASCO has defined international standards and revolutionised mouldmaking. Designers and mouldmakers benefit from a complete range of high-precision, ready-to-mount system components and intensive technical advice. This simplifies mouldmaking, saves a great deal of time in the development and production of injection moulds and enables customers to achieve a high level of efficiency.

At HASCO, designers and engineers are constantly translating ideas into innovations and extending the range of standard mould components. More than 100 inventions and patents testify to the company's high innovation capacity. Through our agility and performance we make it possible for you to boost your productivity and competitiveness.  

Because: Enabling is our core competence.

Your benefits:

• Stress-relieved material  
• Ready-to-mount system components
• Shortened design and construction times
• Maximum quality and flexibility
• Greater cost-efficiency
• Shortest delivery times