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HASCO Digital

Further videos on our YouTube Channel.


The HASCO App for mouldmakers

Our HASCO App is available to download free of charge.

The App gives you simple, mobile and rapid access to current information on our
company wherever you happen to be, with news, videos and jobs, as well as useful
technical functions.

In a rapid and clear manner, you can select the right material, convert hardness
values, look up the DIN/ISO tolerances for shafts and holes and also make use of
our tool for the layout and dimensioning of locking cylinders.
The HASCO App is
currently being extended with an innovative and particularly useful tool. With this
new development, it is possible to very easily calculate the surface temperature
of a thermal insulation sheet.

The HASCO App is not only intended for mouldmakers, technicians, designers and buyers. It can also provide valuable support for teachers, students and pupils. 

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