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What distinguishes our work culture?

Anyone working for, with and at HASCO has good opportunities and prospects for being professionally successful. Both as a team and as individuals, we deliver performance and master challenges. We give you the opportunity to start successfully fulfilling your own ideas regarding your development and/or your career. In so doing, we attach importance to your taking on responsibility, and we give you scope for manoeuvre.

Anyone working at HASCO also experiences the advantages of a highly successful, internationally aligned medium-sized            company.

Because: at HASCO, it is people with their talents and abilities that count. Professionalism, coupled with the necessary pragmatism, ensures agility for our customers. 

With our human resources concepts and initiatives, HASCO also creates the conditions for positive development and advancement. And that, right from the very start.

Our familiarisation and onboarding plan, and HASCOnnect

Welcome to the HASCO Team! We offer our new employees a structured and professional familiarisation period, allowing them to develop their full potential as rapidly as possible and integrating them in the company. Alongside our familiarisation plan, we also ensure that our new employees are actively involved through our HASCOnnect event. We provide opportunities for networking and intensive cooperation right from the very beginning. New colleagues experience tradition, communication, motivation and the values of the HASCO brand.

Our SEED training concept

We provide young people with demanding training to give them an optimum start to their career.  SEED is a German acronym standing for "Independent, Responsible, Results-oriented and Thinking" and motivates trainees by challenging them and allowing them to develop. Training at HASCO involves more than just obtaining a professional qualification. It provides a sound basis for a successful working life.

Consistent qualification

HASCO offers many options for individual professional advancement. Each individual employee receives professional support as a function of their potential and aims, through training, workshops and continuing education.

The "We" is important


HASCO attaches great importance to a team spirit. We promote team-building through specific measures, including our impulse workshop "Enabling Impact". Regular team meetings are held in order to strengthen our cross-border cohesion and team spirit. In addition to mixing together in our work environment, we foster a team spirit through company and Christmas celebrations and other team-building measures.