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September 2019

HASCO is investing in the future

HASCO, the Lüdenscheid-based standard-component specialist, has invested in the expansion of its modern machine fleet. The company aims to create additional production facilities, enabling it to implement individual customer wishes. Particular focus has been placed on the more comprehensive processing of steel plates – up to 1000 mm in size – for the construction of injection moulds.

The company's simultaneous investment in two high-performance machining centres from BURKHARDT + WEBER (BW) has boosted its commitment to the Lüdenscheid site as well as to the promise it made to its customers regarding production.

The decisive factors in the choice of the two BW MCC 800 machining centres were not only their compact dimensions but, more particularly, their high precision in machining steel. After extensive test runs on different makes of machining centres, the decision was taken to purchase the BURKHARDT + WEBER models.

One key advantage of the BW machines is their robust design. This allows both high-precision and rapid machining of plates, while ensuring maximum quality and cost-efficiency in the interests of HASCO's customers.

The investment enables HASCO to achieve higher-performance and more flexible production at its headquarters in Lüdenscheid. This marks a further step in the ongoing process to provide even better and faster deliveries of stress-relieved steel, precision standard parts and ready-to-install system components to mouldmakers.

Future-oriented production processes and certified quality management ensure that HASCO customers benefit from a clear lead and competitive advantages.

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