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Cohesion in difficult times

HASCO is supporting you as a competent partner for machining technology

At this extremely difficult time, we are particularly concerned to provide you with the best possible support despite all the adversity we are facing. We are currently receiving a large number of enquiries from all fields, and especially from the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. We have taken the decision to deal with these enquiries as a top priority and thus make our contribution to overcoming the crisis. Whether these are orders for standard components, custom-made parts or hot-runner products, we will do everything to process these orders as fast as possible in our usual high HASCO quality.

The performance offered by the HASCO Special Machining Center (SMC), in particular, enables you to concentrate on your strengths – and we will help you to be successful on a lasting basis. You will find details of our machining options and the enquiry process here.

If you have any questions, please contact your Technical Sales Engineer or your contact in internal sales.



HASCO attaches great importance to excellent customer relations – whether via digital channels or face-to-face

We at HASCO attach great importance to good customer relations. Face-to-face discussions with you are very important for us. Unfortunately, the corona crisis is forcing us to suspend all personal visits for the time being in the interests of our joint safety. We took precautions at an early stage already and optimised all our digital channels so that, even at difficult times of crisis like this, we are still able to provide you with the best possible service. This is person-to-person service as in the past, but provided from a distance so as to ensure the greatest possible safety. You are welcome to contact us at any time, by telephone, e-mail or via the usual messenger and video channels. We are able to offer you first-class service via digital channels too, leaving you free to concentrate on your own strengths.

Our Technical Sales Engineers, and your contacts in our in-house team and the HASCO Application Technology department will be pleased to assist you.


We’re there for you when working from home too

Right from when the corona crisis first started to emerge, we began to switch our employees to working from home. Numerous colleagues in many countries around the world are now available from their workplaces at home. Protecting the health of our customers and employees, in the best possible manner, has been of the utmost importance to us right from the outset, which is why we are staying at home. This is something that matters dearly to us.

Our forward-planning measures have meant we are still in a position to provide deliveries from all product areas across national borders. All our products and services are available to you, both rapidly and globally, in the customary high HASCO quality, as far as the legal provisions introduced by the individual countries will allow. In this way, we are playing our part in maintaining the supply chains and making an indispensable contribution to overcoming the crisis in the best possible way.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our IT colleagues for setting up and supporting the large number of workstations for our employees working from home. Also, special thanks go to our on-site colleagues who are not able to work from home due to the nature of their work and who are working flat out to ensure you receive your orders as quickly as possible, despite all the hindrances. This is what we at HASCO understand to be cohesion in difficult times.

Can we assist you with a solution at this time? You can reach your contact persons as usual – by phone, e-mail, skype or other digital channels.



HASCO Portal 24/7 – Order round the clock with just a few clicks

Since its successful launch in 2016, the HASCO Portal has developed into the most modern and high-performance online portal for mouldmaking. This successful combination of a webshop and company website guarantees easy ordering and provides comprehensive information on products and services with just a few clicks. Precisely in times of crisis, being able to find everything quickly and easily at a central location considerably facilitates day-to-day work. And an increasing number of visits to our digital offerings show us that we are on the right track. The foresighted boosting of the speed and availability of the connection constitutes a major advantage for both you and us right now, at a time when the portal is being accessed even more frequently in the current situation. The HASCO online portal is at your service round the clock on 365 days a year, all over the world, enabling you to place your orders and obtain targeted information in a rapid manner.

If you have any questions regarding the extensive functions and services available in the portal, your contacts at HASCO will always be pleased to help you.



Focus on HASCO’s portfolio for mouldmakers and injection moulders

Since our company was founded almost 100 years ago, we at HASCO have had very close ties with medium-sized companies. Through our own origins as a craft business, we perfectly understand the industry’s many small and medium-sized companies, and are in a position to respond to your needs in a targeted and solution-oriented manner more so than any other company. The very high professional competence of our employees, coupled with very short response times, guarantee you the fastest possible assistance on all matters. Precisely in difficult times such as these, HASCO’s product portfolio for mouldmakers and injection moulders is a particular help for small and medium-sized mouldmaking and injection moulding companies. No matter whether you are designing a completely new mould, modifying an existing mould or urgently need a spare part, you can always count on us as a reliable partner with very fast delivery times.



HASCO - The Original

The invention and patenting of its modular mould system in 1960 made HASCO a pioneer of modern mouldmaking. Right up to the present day, original HASCO standard components guarantee a long service life and reliability, even under the most difficult of operating conditions.

The modular design enables a high level of flexibility with the greatest possible degree of standardisation. This, in turn, guarantees the ready exchangeability of standard elements, thus permitting process reproducibility. Precisely for the highly specialised applications involved in mouldmaking, original products that can be readily identified through their laser marking provide the security of using a component that is optimally matched to the application in question.

Viewed over the entire product life cycle of an injection mould, quality products from HASCO are noted especially for their very long service life and maximum reliability in production.