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All vehicles contain hundreds of plastic parts in countless different variants. HASCO hot runner offers customised solutions for the different injection jobs encountered in the automotive industry. Our hot runner systems are produced with very short delivery times, ensuring that your mouldmaking project can be completed on time. We have the following products available for you:
  • Wired hot runner systems with screw-in nozzles
  • Wear-resistant nozzles for highly reinforced plastics
  • Needle valve systems with parallel or sequential control

HASCO hot runner’s global presence ensures that spare parts are available worldwide, together with
reliable service.

Case Studies
Automotive Interior
Requirements:: Highly aesthetic requirements, low-shear processing and homogenous temperature control.
Solution: Completely mounted and tubed system with screwed Vario Shot nozzles and hydraulic needle closure with cascade control.
Article: Door strip
Plastic: PC+SAN 20% glass fiber
Gating: direct with needle closure
Part weight: 500g
Drive technology (transmission)


Sophisticated plastic, can withstand high mechanical stress during continuous operation, good sliding properties, exact temperature control and low-shear processing.
Solution: Completely mounted system with Vario Shot series nozzles.
Article: Sliding washer
Plastic: PA66 + GF + PTFE + heat stabilized
Gating: direct
Part weight: 13g