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High performance plastics and aggressive flame retardant additives are just a couple of the challenges encountered in the injection moulding of electronic components. HASCO hot runner supplies tailor-made
hot runner technology for elevated processing temperatures and aggressive plastics, including:

  • Hot runner systems in corrosion-resistant tool steels
  • Nozzles and manifolds for processing temperatures up to 400°C
  • Wear-resistant nozzles for highly reinforced plastics
  • Exchangeable prechambers for the rapid exchange of worn gates

For demanding applications, we offer you the option of conducting injection moulding tests jointly with our plastics technicians in our own Development Plant.
Case Studies
Contact technology
Requirements:: Abrasive plastic, VO, low-shear processing, high quality requirements. Nozzles and distributor block made from corrosion-resistant steel
Solution: Complete hot half with Vario Shot nozzles and pneumatic needle closure with plate control
Article: Terminal
Plastic: PA66 + GF + V0
Gating: direct with needle closure
Part weight: 2.3g

Building technology
Requirements:: Resistance to acids and alkalis as well as good resistance to aging and heat, very long flow paths, rubber-elastic properties
Solution: Completely ready-to-install, mounted system with Vario Shot series nozzles.
Article: Cable duct
Plastic: TPV
Gating: indirectly via sub-distribution board
Part weight: 10g