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Large parts

For large parts, the wall thickness to flow path ratio and the flow properties of the plastic are the decisive factors. In most cases, big parts can only be filled with more than one gating point. To avoid weld lines,
use is frequently made of sequentially controlled needle valve systems in these applications.
We offer the following solutions for large parts:

  • Hot runner systems with a high pressure resistance of up to  2200 bar
  • Needle valve systems with cascade control
  • Hot runner systems that are wired ready to install with screw-in nozzles
  • Wear-resistant nozzles for highly reinforced plastics
Our application technicians are available to ensure the perfect layout of your injection moulds.
Case Studies
Requirements: Aesthetically pleasing and functional, low-shear processing, thick wall thicknesses, high injection pressure, safety and resilience in daily use
Solution: Completely mounted system with Vario Shot series nozzles
Article: Toy seesaw
Plastic: HD-PE
Gating: direct
Part weight: 2150g
Requirements: High demands on stability, design and weather resistance. Robust nozzle design and high injection pressure
Solution: Ready-to-install system with modified Vario Shot nozzles and individually controlled, pneumatic needle closure
Article: Pallet
Plastic: Polypropylene with recyclate
Gating: direct with needle closure
Part weight: 2500g