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Small parts

Many plastics suffer thermal damage if they spend too long in the molten state. Therefore, this stage should be kept as short as possible. For small shot weights, we adapt the flow channel diameter accordingly to reduce the volume of melt in the manifold. We offer the following hot runner systems for small parts:
  • Slim nozzles with small melt channel diameters of 3.5 mm
  • Compact hot runner systems with close nozzle spacing >22 mm
  • Needle valve systems with a plate drive for close cavity spacing
Using simulation software, our plastics technicians are able to find the best balance between dwell time, pressure loss and shear forces for your application.
Case Studies
Requirements:: Very low shot weight, most minimal cavity-to-cavity distances, adapted compound channels
Solution: fully balanced 16-fold hot runner manifold block with smallest dimension and Techni Shot nozzles.
Article: Sensor housing
Plastic: PA 66 reinforced
Gating: direct
Part weight: 0.2g

Furniture industry
Requirements: Adapted, very small compound channels, smallest mounting dimensions, low dwell times and optimal temperature control
Solution: fully balanced 64-fold hot runner manifold block with Techni Shot nozzles as a complete hot half.
Article:  Dowels
Plastic: PA 6 (nylon 6)
Gating: direct
Part weight: 0.55g