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Consumer goods

An infinite number of objects are produced for private use, including household appliances, sporting articles and toys. Frequent requirements on these injection moulded parts are a flawless appearance and good mechanical properties. Hot runner systems from HASCO hot runner will enable you to meet all these requirements. We supply:
  • Precision needle valve systems to ensure perfect gate appearance
  • Hot runner systems for multi-component injection moulding
  • Flow-optimised flow channels to prevent orientation or streaks in the moulded part
The hot runner technicians in our office and in the field will support and accompany you from the idea through to the final shot of the injection moulding machine.
Case Studies
Electrical tools
Requirements:: Aesthetically appealing and functional, good feel and design, safety and resilience in daily use, multiple components.
Solution: 4K application with distributor geometries and modified nozzles of the Techni Shot series, partially with pneumatic needle closure
Article: Housing
Plastic: ABS, TPE, PP+30%GF
Gating: direct, soft component with needle closure
Part weight: 30g

Household appliances
Requirements:: highly aesthetic and functional requirements, low-shear processing and homogenous temperature control despite heavy ribbing
Solution: Completely mounted and wired system with screwed in Vario Shot nozzles of different lengths
Article: Washing machine control panel
Plastic: ABS
Gating: direct
Part weight: 370g