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Personal care

When it comes to the production of face creams and perfumes, the packaging is often more expensive than the content. Therefore, the requirements on the quality of these components are correspondingly high. HASCO Hot Runner develops perfectly tailored hot runner systems for transparent injection moulded parts, thick-walled articles and multi-component parts. We offer the following solutions:
  • Hot runner nozzles with a homogeneous temperature profile for thick-walled parts with long cycle times
  • Flow-optimised flow channels for avoiding orientation and streaks in transparent articles
  • Hot runner systems for multi-component injection moulding
  • Precise needle valve systems with perfect gate appearance
Our plastics technicians will be pleased to check your application beforehand on the basis of a software-supported flow analysis and will work with you to design the best hot runner solution.
Case Studies
Requirements:: Thick-walled, high demands on design and feel, stylish appearance, low shear processing and long cycle time
Solution: Ready-to-install, mounted system with Techni Shot nozzles and individually controlled, pneumatic needle closure
Article: Cream jar
Plastic: PMMA
Gating: direct with needle closure
Part weight: 60g

Personal care products
Requirements:: High demands on design, feel and functionality. 2K application as complete, very maintenance-friendly hot half.
Solution: 32 + 32-fold hot half, with Techni Shot nozzles and hydraulically driven plate packs for needle closure
Article: Shaver
Plastic: PS plus PS modified
Gating: direct with needle closure
Part weight: 2g