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Caps and closures

When producing closure caps, the focus is always on cycle time and efficiency. HASCO Hot Runner
produces high-cavity hot halves for this industry to meet all the requirements.

  • Precise balancing through homogeneous nozzle temperatures
  • Uniform opening behaviour through the precise tip position in the gate
  • Rapid colour change through the use of reduction caps and streamlined flow channels
  • Service-friendly system for low-cost maintenance
The availability of HASCO spare parts and service worldwide guarantees reliable injection moulding production.
Case Studies
Personal hygiene
Requirements:: Aesthetically appealing, good color changing property, narrow cavity-to-cavity distances, large production volumes and short cycle time. Front-changing heaters, easy maintenance
Solution: Complete hot half with nozzles from the Value Shot series and reducing caps in the calotte area
Article: Half shell
Plastic:  PP
Gating: direct
Part weight: 2.1g

Requirements: High production volume, extremely economical production and stable manufacturing process. Sophisticated design, stylish appearance
Solution: Ready-to-install, mounted stack system with Vario Shot system nozzles and transfer via single nozzle of the Techni Shot series
Article: Cover
Plastic:  PP
Gating: direct
Part weight: 16.3g