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Regulador multizonas

Selección de variante de producto

n1 I Número de producto Replacement product
6 16 H12930/6x16
12 16 H12930/12x16

The multi-zone control unit is equipped with a clear display of all SET values and ACTUAL values, plus other useful functions.

  • Clear display of all control zones
  • Optimised start-up routines with questions on regulator start
  • Storage function for up to 6 different follow-up programs
  • Diagnosis function for monitoring the connected control circuits
  • Manual performance switch-off of all control zones as a stand-by function


Special Features

  • 2 unit sizes
  • Modular structure with 3600 W per control circuit
  • Standard alarm input and output
  • Programmable setting for short-term temperature increase
  • Temperature reduction
  • Display of the installed performance (Ampere) and selector ratio [%]
  • Automatic sensor monitoring