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New: HASCO Push-Lok Z87PL/… and Z880PL/…

The HASCO Push-Lok system can be used in many different applications in the field of temperature control. The range has now been extended by the hose nipple Z87PL/… and the double-sided hose nipple Z880PL/….

Fitting moulds with the corresponding equipment is now even easier and faster with the patented Push-Lok system. Supplementary accessories, such as hose clips and crimps, are no longer necessary. The special geometry of the Push-Lok components and the associated hoses ensures a reliable process connection during production. Repairs can be carried out directly, leading to considerable time savings and cost reductions.

Hoses and shut-off couplings, either with or without a valve and in a 45° or 90° design, are perfectly tailored to each other. Blue or red identification rings supplied with the couplings permit immediate, clear recognition of the inlet and outlet lines on the mould.

The extended Push-Lok system is tailored to HASCO’s proven standard cooling range, and hence a system change can be performed both rapidly and simply. The wide range of original HASCO temperature control elements offers users many benefits of customised heating/cooling system configuration.

Download: Press release