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tammikuuta 2017

New flat guide jaw – universal, precise, low-maintenance

A high process reliability is the be-all and end-all In a modern injection moulding shop. The reliable and precise centring and guidance of mould elements play a key role in this.

In conjunction with the proven HASCO guide block Z18/…, the new HASCO guide jaw Z190/... permits precise guidance and centring of the moulds. The DLC coating guarantees optimum sliding and dry running properties.

The flat guide jaws Z190/... can be used as centring or guide elements and contribute towards achieving a high process reliability. Their user-friendly installation also makes for a simple switchover from the proven Z19/... version to the new Z190/.... The necessary recess can be made from the parting plane. Screws on the outside permit precise fixing and locking after installation.

The HASCO guide jaw Z190/.. is available in a large number of guide lengths.

Download: Press release