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tammikuuta 2019

HASCO Positive locking cylinder Z2302/...

Positive locking cylinders are used in injection moulds to operate valves, cores and similar components.

For high-temperature applications in compression and injection moulding tools up to 180°C, HASCO has, as its latest innovation, introduced the positive locking cylinder Z2302/... with mechanical final position sensing.

Safe locking at up to 180°C

The solid design of the new positive locking cylinder and the precise final position sensing via proximity switches permits safe locking of the piston rod and is suitable for use with core pullers and mould slides. Service temperatures of up to 180°C are possible.

The positive locking cylinder has optimised gaskets and is easy to mount. The integrated positive locking means there is no need for a locking device on the mould. The cylinder is mounted either with the HASCO flange Z2310/... or the HASCO groove-nut set Z2311/..., which helps with fine setting.

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