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Kirjaudu sisään, jotta voit käyttää tätä toimintoa.

Eikö sinulla ole vielä käyttäjätiliä?Rekisteröidy nyt!

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kesäkuuta 2016

Sauerland Run 2016

The annual HASCO Sauerland Run is a much appreciated event for customers, friends of the brand and the company, and the company's employees. The three-day motorcycle tour has almost acquired cult status in the meantime. This is where the agility of two strong brands meets up: HASCO and Harley Davidson. Following a guided tour of the company on Friday afternoon, participants took over the Harleys that were lined up outside the building – an impressive sight!

The 2016 Sauerland Run set off from HASCO's home territory towards the Rhineland, taking participants through the "Bergisches Land" with its many curves on the way from Lüdenscheid to the "Alte Poststation" in Overath. There, the bikers enjoyed a relaxed evening, benefiting from the informal get-together to chat about work and technical issues.

On the Saturday, participants set off in an easygoing cruising style, travelling up and down the Rhine to Boppard. And, after a delicious midday meal, the next destination was Cologne. Here, those taking part were able to marvel at a truly superlative bike event: the Harley Dome Cologne being staged on the Poller Wiesen in Köln Deutz.

The broad range of offerings at the Harley Dome made for an enjoyable evening together in Cologne. A stage with live bands and rock 'n' roll, a street food market with culinary delights, the HDC Custom Show evaluated by a jury and through a public vote, and Harley test runs (legends-on-tour)…

After a relaxed ride back to Lüdenscheid on the Sunday, the participants' delight at this special tour and the exciting days they had spent was clear to see. And now everyone is eagerly awaiting the 2017 Sauerland Run.

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