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avril 2019

HASCO Designer Days in Leipzig and Barcelona

At the worldwide Designer Days, HASCO engages in intensive technical discussions with its customers and designers. A large number of guests took up the invitation to attend the latest events in Leipzig and Barcelona in March, where innovative topics and options for design and mouldmaking featured on the agenda.

At the HASCO Designer Day held in the Leipzig Kunststoff-Zentrum, Stephan Wendt / Technical Sales Engineer South East Germany at HASCO and Jörg Michaelis / Head of Department at the KUZ first welcomed participants before moving on to the technical topics.Stephan Wendt / HASCO explained the advantages of DLC coating and the innovative application possibilities based on field reports. Herbert Nitsche / HOT provided details of the origins and structure of different coatings, coating processes, special features and the added value generated by DLC coating. Daniel Dirksen / HASCO spoke about CAD services. He presented the innovative native libraries that are available to download. Ray Schleicher and Tino Fuchs / CADsys gave a live demonstration of the VISI CAD system, showing how easy it is to design an injection mould with rapid access to the CAD files for HASCO's standard components. Tobias Kröber / HASCO reported on the new developments and orientation of the hot runner division. The subsequent guided tour of the Kunststoff-Zentrum and the joint dinner brought the day to a close and provided an opportunity for intensive discussions and a lively exchange of information.

Digital topics were also the main focus of the Designer Day in Barcelona. HASCO CAD specialist Daniel Dirksen has launched numerous new CAD solutions for designers over the past few months. He presented the HASCO NX and CATIA libraries as innovative tools for designers. One important function, for example, is the retrieval of numerous HASCO standard components as CAD models and their easy incorporation into a design via drag and drop. Daniel Vizuete, General Manager of HASCO Ibérica, presented the new products in the portfolio and also the features of the portal at At the end of the Spanish Designer Day, HASCO Ibérica staged an indoor pádel tournament. Pádel is a type of tennis and a very popular sport in Spain. After an exciting competition on six courts, the day was concluded when the participants met up for a meal.

The HASCO Designer Days in March once again provided a source of inspiration for all who attended and generated fresh momentum for the development of new possibilities.

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