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Unbeatable duo for practical small series

With the Clever Mold System (CMS) A8500/... and the innovative small series mould K3600/..., HASCO offers its customers a unique means of saving time and money on small production runs.

Clever Mold System A8500/…

The HASCO Clever Mold System A8500/... is an efficient and highly variable mould system for injection moulding machines. It encompasses all the components of a classic mould unit, so that the customer need only focus on the cavity and ejector plate systems. These elements can be adapted from the small mould series K3600/….

The combination of A8500/… and K3600/… makes for efficient and rapid mould changes on all standard injection moulding machines. The consistent use of this duo opens up new opportunities for designers. Undercuts, core pullers, slides and hot runners can be directly integrated in the CMS and are available for all K3600/… small series moulds as an inexpensive standard solution.

The A8500/... mould system is fastened to the machine with just four screws on each side. The infinitely variable clamping bars ensure that moulds of different sizes can be changed both rapidly and simply.

Small series mould K3600/…

The A8500/… is supplemented by the proven small series mould K3600/… supplied exclusively by HASCO. This “clever standard product package” consists of the moulding plates, ejector assembly and all associated components. For the small series mould that goes with the CMS, the plate dimensions and thicknesses, the system diameter, the hole spacing and the bore packages have been adopted from the classic HASCO K-range. Thus allowing each HASCO K3600/… to be made into a “normal” injection mould tool should production demand exceed expectations, freeing up the A8500 for future product development.

One key advantage is the flexibility offered by this duo. Since the K3600/… does not require centring on the machine, several cavities, each with their own gating position, can be placed in a mould. For articles with an identical mass and colour, setup times of less than 5 minutes can be achieved.

Using the Clever Mold System in combination with the small series mould opens up innovative solutions to low-cost small production runs. It’s design permits an holistic approach, and through the consistent construction of simplified moulds and the use of adapter solutions, the A8500/… very quickly pays for itself. The K3600/… is available immediately from stock in four different mould sizes, in the materials 1.2767 and Toolox 33. Other sizes and materials can be supplied at short notice upon request.
The small series mould K3600/... in combination with the Clever Mold System A8500/... has been specially designed for frequent mould changes with short production runs, and ideally complements HASCO’s current product range. Each HASCO Clever Mold System is produced individually for the customer, allowing for customisation according to their specifications.

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