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Wybór wariantów produktów

n1 b1 l1 s1 Numer produktu
2 50 80 6 A4200/2x50x80x6
2 50 80 10 A4200/2x50x80x10
2 50 80 15 A4200/2x50x80x15

HASCO’s A 4200/... sealing element (MurSeal ® technology) is the only plastic sealing element available on the market for injection moulds.

It can be used for plastic injection moulding around metal inserts without flash or damage.

Special Features

  • Prevents flash formation on plastic injection-moulded metal inserts
  • Reduces unit costs
  • Minimisation of rework on the moulded part
  • Optimises quality of article
  • Reduces scrap significantly

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