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listopada 2019

50 years HASCO Austria

HASCO Austria was founded in 1969 as a subsidiary of the internationally leading standard-component and hot-runner specialist HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + CO KG, which has its head office in Lüdenscheid/Germany. HASCO Austria was thus one of the first of the company's current 35 branches and subsidiaries throughout the world.

HASCO Austria has been successfully supplying Austria's mould and toolmakers for 50 years. On 13 September, this anniversary was celebrated with the entire workforce in an informal atmosphere. In her welcoming speech, Elfriede Hell, managing director of HASCO Austria, thanked all the employees for their special commitment, their team spirit and their strong bond with the company: "Through our joint, continuous work on innovations, we are able to respond to customer wishes increasingly effectively and rapidly. HASCO provides the easiest route to mouldmaking. In short: we offer a systematic approach and set the standards of tomorrow."

Following her welcome, Elfriede Hell provided insight into the development of HASCO Austria. As already mentioned, the company was founded in 1969. The first branch was located in the 13th district of Vienna. The current location, with its 120 office and production staff was opened in Guntramsdorf (NÖ) in 1977. Together with the technical sales engineers in the individual countries, the Austrian company serves Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also Serbia. HASCO's international presence permits direct contact with its customers as well as competent support through individual advice, service and short delivery times. As an additional advantage, the office staff can also speak the national languages.

Since 2007, HASCO has been part of the Berndorf Group. HASCO similarly has ambitious growth targets for the future too and is thus building further on its brand values of agility, innovation, simplicity and performance and expanding the range of products and services it offers. A great deal has been achieved at the Guntramsdorf site over the past few years. A processing centre with a pallet station has been brought into operation for standard plate production. Custom-plate production has doubled its capacity for deep-hole drilling and modernised its milling unit with two new milling centres. Several projects have also been completed in the area of digitisation. The HASCO hot runner division was centralised in Austria in 2014 and, since then, has looked after all the company's hot runner customers throughout the world. Under the management of Florian Larisch, Executive Vice President HASCO hot runner, the Hot Runner Competence Centre, together with production and global marketing, have all been continually built up and further developed. HASCO Austria is particularly proud of the fact that, since August 2019, it has been training apprentices once again.

"In addition to taking a look back and being updated on the latest technologies, the main focus of the evening was on celebrations and socialising", says a delighted Elfriede Hell. "We were also able to welcome Mr. Christoph Ehrlich, CEO of HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG, to the celebrations."

At the end of a long evening, Elfriede Hell was surrounded by happy and contented faces. That too confirms her conviction of being on a good and successful path with HASCO Austria and of dynamically pursuing the company's sustainable growth with a strong, motivated and competent team.

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