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października 2017

Mechanical cycle counter A5731/…, A5732/… - Reliable and tamper-proof

The HASCO mechanical cycle counters A5731/... and A5732/... are new additions to the extensive HASCO counter system. They provide a reliable form of monitoring the mould strokes during the entire injection moulding process and are also a dependable aid when it comes to planning mould maintenance.

Cycle counter A5731/... for the moving half of the mould and A5732/... for the fixed half have a seven-digit mechanical counting mechanism that cannot be reset. They can be readily mounted, are completely maintenance-free and do not require a power supply.   

The counters can be used in an ambient temperature of +120°C and, with their switching displacement of 3.5 mm, are noted for their small space requirements. Variants in six different lengths are available from stock for different mounting situations.

Download: Press release